Language Testing Forum 2022 Proposal Submission (Deadline: 23 October 2022)

Theme: Multimodal Constructs in Language Assessment in a Digital Age

Time: 25-27 November 2022

Place: School of Education, University of Bristol, 

35 Berkeley Square | Bristol, BS8 1JA | United Kingdom

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The Language Testing Forum (LTF) is a long-running UK-based language testing and assessment conference. Since 1980, LTF has run as an independent event held by a different host organisation each year. Since 2016, LTF has been the official conference of  UKALTA 

We are pleased to announce that the Call for Papers for the 42nd Language Testing Forum has now opened.  

This year’s conference convenes *in person* on 25-27 November 2022, under the theme “Multimodal Constructs in Language Assessment in a Digital Age".

Multimodal integrated tasks are being used increasingly in language assessment, facilitated by technology in task design, delivery, and completion. Integrated multimodal language assessment tasks are traditionally defined and operationalised with reference to the requirement of different language skills in task completion. With the use of technology, we see an expansion of constructs of language assessment, with multimodal input (e.g., non-verbal materials such as cartoons, maps and graphs, and videos in listening and speaking tasks) and multimodal composing and presentation (e.g., by creating a video, drawing a picture, a map, or an outline to summarize what test-takers have read/listened).

At the 42nd Language Testing Forum, we are also planning to celebrate the contributions Professor Liz Hamp-Lyons made to language assessment, especially in writing assessment.

We invite proposals that address the main theme of the conference, and “assessing writing” in memory of Professor Liz Hamp-Lyons, but equally welcome any other topic relevant to language assessment as per the long-established tradition of Language Testing Forum as an inclusive and open platform for anyone interested in language assessment to share their research findings.

Key Dates:

Call for Papers open: 01 August 2022
Submission deadline: 23 October 2022 (23:59 BST)
Notification of acceptance: 31 October 2022
Registration open: 1 October 2022
Registration close: 13 November 2022



(1) LTF2022 is planned as a wholly face-to-face conference to be hosted in University of Bristol. If circumstances prevent f2f in person, the conference would be held online.

(2) We are also exploring the possibility for non-presenters who won't be able to make the trip to Bristol to attend parts of the conference via video link.

Language Testing Forum 2022

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6.6. If your proposal is relevant to Writing Assessment, would you consider being included in the symposium in memory of Professor Liz Hamp-Lyons? Please note answer to yes does not guarantee a proposal will be included in the symposium. Required


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